Toddminer C1 Pro (3 TH/s) Eaglesong CKB Miner

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Model Toddminer C1 (3 TH/S) from Todek mining Eaglesong / CKB algorithm with a maximum hashrate of 3 TH/S for a power consumption of 2700W.

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Todek Toddminer C1 Pro

Also known as
Todek Toddminer C1 Pro Eaglesong Miner
Size 41 x 22 x 24 cm
Weight 12.8kg
Noise level 70db
Power 2700W
Voltage 12V
Interface Ethernet
Temperature 5 – 45 °C
Humidity 5 – 95 %

Todek Toddminer C1 Pro:

Todek Toddminer C1 Pro from Todek mining Eaglesong algorithm with a maximum hashrate of 3Th/s for a power consumption of 2700W. Buy Todek Toddminer C1 Pro eaglesong miner

Buy Todd miner C1 Pro eaglesong miner has 3Th/s and takes 2700W power. The Todek Toddminer C1 Pro is a powerful eaglesong profitability miner with a few times better hash rate & efficiency than any competition in the market. It has very low operating cost, high ROI, and longevity. The Todd miner C1 Pro has a small form factor, low noise, designed to help network decentralization with renewed energy and loyalty.The Todek Toddminer C1 Pro Eaglesong CKB Miner has more than thrice the power and twice the efficiency than any other miner in the market. Each miner is designed in algorithm Eaglesong and makes sure to deliver more hashrate and efficiency than any other CKB Miner ever made. The interface has been carefully designed keeping in mind the needs of users.