Blockchain technology promises a highly efficient economy by decentralizing the controlling power on transactions and the authenticity of parties and assets involved. Its distributed ledgers enable networks, supply chains and eventually entire markets to operate without trusted third parties. Its smart contracts enable them to automate complex procedures and negotiations. When fully effectuated, blockchain technology may provide a next level of market optimalization, organized fully horizontally.

Millennium Mineshop.com brings together vendors and buyers without bank services & fees, or other Financial Services, by using the only cryptocurrency as payment gateway, to ensure clear and fair deals for all our customers.

As good as it sounds, blockchain technology is still in an early stage, with little enterprise wide applications, with scalability issues and facing the grand challenge of transforming market infrastructures. Millennium-Mineshop.com takes a lead by realizing use cases that contribute to both technological and market readiness, and at the same time create instant value for the partners involved. We already have a strong hand with multiple use cases, a field lab ecosystem and an international forefront position.


اشتريت 5 Bitmain Antminer K5 من هذا النظام الأساسي. وصلت المنتجات بسرعة نسبيًا. شركة صحيحة تستحق التوصية بها.

Jabalah Wazir Najjar


Osprey G1 FPGA Miner

I ordered Osprey G1 FPGA Miner. It’s a quick and robust machine I have ever experienced or seen so far It took me less than 1 hour to start mining

Tech support is amazing, we chat and they answered any questions asap!

Steven Wooten

Osprey G1 FPGA Miner Customer

Warmly recommend this platform

We chose to collaborate with NOHO CRYPTO MINERS following a recommendation received from a client of this company. We warmly recommend this platform https://millennium-mineshop.com

Sean J. Walton

ThunderBTCMine Manager

Thank you Millennium Mineshop

I purchased 90 Bitfury Tardis miners through this company NOHO CRYPTO MINERS. I declare myself fully satisfied with the quality of the purchased products as well as with the support offered by the employees of this company who have shown a lot of professionalism. They helped me create and set up my own mining farm

Gordon A. Hawkins

BTCSkyMining Owner

Extremely Happy

We are Extremely Happy with all miners we bought from Millennium Mineshop. They are great at, after-sales support”.Keep it up!!! We recommend your services to everyone who wants to buy any Crypto Miners

Randy & Robert

Liberty Mining Farm Owners

Feel like a VIP

Millennium-mineshop.com have always been outstanding for me, their customer service is excellent and delivery always on time.

Raul Tucker


Great Crypto Platform

I choose https://millennium-mineshop.com because I simply could not find any other trusted provider that offered the tools and support I needed to start mine crypto. I will not regret my decision to make business with NOHO CRYPTO MINERS (https://millennium-mineshop.com)

Travis E. Ruffin